We pride ourselves on our extensive stock of audio equipment, which is all available for dry hire with a single phone call.

Stocking equipment from carefully selected industry leaders, our equipment inventory is regularly updated with new technology, and we are highly regarded for always having something in stock to work within a tight budget. At a time when competition is fierce and prices an essential consideration for any customer, we can tailor a package to suit your needs, within budget, and without compromising on quality.


L AcousticsL-Acoustics

Line Source Array KIVA II, KARA, ARCS Wide
Point Source 5XT, X8, X12, X15 HiQ
Sub Bass SB15m, SB18, SB28
Amplified Controllers LA8, LA4X

EAW logoEastern Acoustic Works

Small format point source JF200
Large format point source KF850E
Sub Bass SB850, SB850z
Processing MX100i, UX8800

HK Audio LogoHK Audio

Active Stack Systems ACTOR ADX, ELEMENTS, NANO608i
Active Monitoring D.A.R.T.

Yamaha LogoYamaha

Digital Consoles CL5, QL1, QL5, LS9-16, LS9-32, M7CL-48
Digital Stage Racks Rio1608D, Rio3224D
Analogue Consoles MG06X, MG10XU, MG12XU

Midas LogoMidas

Digital Consoles Pro 2 + DL251

Meyer Sound

Processing Galileo 616

GreenGo CommunicationsGreenGo Communications

Wired BPX Packs, 2 Wire Interface
Wireless WBPX Packs, Single & Rack Mount battery charging options

Shure logoShure

Dynamic Microphones SM57, SM58, B52A, B56A, B57A, B58A, B98A H/C, Super55
Condenser Microphones B87A, B91A, SM81, MX202, MX412, KSM137
Radio Microphones UHF-R Series, ULX Series

Sennheiser LogoSennheiser

Self-Powered Speakers LSP500 PRO
Dynamic Microphones E602, E604, MD421, E902, E904, E906
Condenser Microphones E914
In-Ear Monitoring G3 300 Series with A5000CP Helical Antenna Systems
Radio Microphones G3 ew300, ME3 (headworn), MKE2 (lapel)


Condenser Microphones SE300B, C414-ULS, C451


Plus equipment from Radial, BSS, Pioneer, Denon, Sonifex, Audix, DPA Microphones, Audio Technica, K&M, Lab Gruppen, EV, Allen & Heath, XTA, Soundcraft, Beyerdynamic, Rode, and Bartlett.

All our cabling infrastructure, mains distribution and multicore systems are VDC, Kelsey Acoustics, Rubber Box Co. and SES.