Ho Ho How Many dB??!

December 2015 was a particularly busy month; closing out the year working with Calvin Harris, F1 legends Mika Häkkinen, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne (more about this in our previous blog post), and the mighty local Old Country Union at our favourite Pendley Court Theatre. We really do love our L-Acoustics, and this year's Christmas bash PA design provided the most clear and concise audio the venue has ever heard. With FOH running [...]

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Formula 1 comes to Wembley

Formula 1, Wembley Stadium, Chris Moyles, and some fast cars. What more could a growing boy want! Working with regulars NSR Communications, three towers of KARA covered the viewing areas across three levels on 270 degrees, ensuring everyone heard Moyles interviewing Mika Häkkinen, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne about everything from their hair styles to their first motors. Search #jointhepactlondon for plenty more video, photos, and text online about this fantastic Johnnie Walker [...]

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Christmas Lights Galore

November 2015 saw us providing PA services to renowned turnkey production firm Moonlite Productions down at the Bluewater Christmas Lights switch on event. Featuring a distributed 36 box KARA system across four hangs, complete with SB28's and Moonlite's own ground stack systems to cover the stage frontage, our custom Galileo drive rack managed the 12 output zones perfectly - keeping the entire system time aligned and isolated... Since extreme winds meant we had to lower [...]

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Royal Parks Half Marathon 2015

October 2015 saw us back at the Royal Parks Half Marathon once again, working alongside NSR Communications to provide main stage entertainment PA services - this year with a ground stack KARA arrangment taking care of the day's activities. Elsewhere on site we deployed SB28's and ARCS Wide for the warm up area, all monitored closely by Vangardia on behalf of Westminster Council... Our system designs ensured the audio exposure remained contained to the appropriate [...]

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