Working closely with our clients from Universal Event Production, Entertec designed and delivered a complex four-zone PA system in Olympic Park’s iconic Copper Box Arena for G-Finity 3 – an e-sport event attended over the first August weekend of 2014 by many thousands of gaming fans. The arena was split into four sections, or zones; the brief being to minimize spill between zones whilst delivering optimum coverage and ample level to give every punter the same experience. Executing this brief with finesse and efficiency were EAW KF740, EAW JFL210, EAW KF850, D&B E9’s and D&B E3’s – a total of 56 loudspeaker enclosures, controlled via DolbyLake and EAW UX8800 processing, configured with Smaart, and amplified through Lab Gruppen PLM’s and D&B P1200’s. Now that’s how you listen to a computer game.