Entertec’s industry reputation is largely based on our provision of Professional Audio services, and this remains as one of our core specialities. Over the last few years, the need to expand into other disciplines for our customers has not depleted our exceptional audio standards, and we’re confident our extensive inventory selection will always offer a quality cost-effective solution.

If you know what audio equipment you want to hire, from microphones to speakers, mixing and sound desks, we’ve provided a summary stock inventory selection below to browse.

Should you have a technical event brief which requires some guidance, technical support, and the backing of quality industry-renowned brands – get in touch with one of our Project Managers to discuss how we can help deliver your vision.


L-Acoustics 5XT / X8 / X12 / X15 HiQ / ARCS Wide / KIVA II / KARA / SB15m / SB18 / SB28
EAW JF200 / SB850z / KF850E
Sennheiser LSP500 PRO

Digital Consoles & Racks

Yamaha CL5 / QL5 / QL1 / TF1 / LS9 / Rio1608 / Rio3224 / Tio1608
Midas Pro 2 / DL251
Allen & Heath QU16 / AR2412

Wired Microphones / IEMS

Shure SM57 / SM58 / B52A / B56A / B57A / B58A / B98AH/C / Super55 / B87A / B91A / SM81 / MX202 / MX412 / KSM137 / P9HW
Sennheiser e602 / e604 / MD421 / e902 / e904 / e906 / e914 / ME3 (headset) / MKE2 (lapel)
DPA 4099 (with all clip varieties) / 4066 (with all termination varieties)
AKG SE300B / C414-ULS / C451

Radio Microphones / IEMS

Shure Axient Digital Series / UHF-R Series / ULX Series
Sennheiser G3 300 Series / IEM 300 Series

Plus equipment from Radial, BSS, Pioneer, Denon, GreenGo, TecPro, Aviom, Sonifex, Audix, Audio Technica, K&M, Lab Gruppen, EV, XTA, Soundcraft, Beyerdynamic, Rode, and Bartlett.

All our cabling infrastructure, mains distribution and multicore systems are VDC, Kelsey Acoustics, Rubber Box Co. and SES.